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Eurothai Service And Consulting Phuket Thailand - Selling your Phuket property


If you wish to sell, your land, villa, condominium, apartment or house in Phuket, all you have to do is give us a call and we will do the listing work for you and give you the advice you need, it is free.


The sale of a house often involves a new house has being bought. When you have decided to sell the house it is a good idea to consider your preference for the type of condominium villa or house in Phuket, where you would like to live and which price level will fit your budget.

The real estate agent in Phuket is always helpful if you need any advice. If you have not already found your new Phuket home you can be listed in “The buyers card index of the house” and in that way receive help to find the right Phuket condominium, villa or house as soon as possible. It is also a possibility to advertise your present Phuket villa/house at the web site of “the house” and inform the buyer that the house can first be taken over when the buyer and you together have found your new settings. In that way you have enough time to find your new dream house, villa or apartment in Phuket while we sell your current property.


When you have decided to sell your property/land you make arrangements with one or several Phuket real estate agents.
It will, of course, be of a great importance to which Phuket real estate agent offer to sell your property for the best price but there are also other conditions that you have to consider because there are a number of great differences in what each real estate agent can offer while selling the property – and what service the real estate agent can offer to make the house trade a safe and secure experience.

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When you have decided which real estate agent in Phuket or agent you wish to value your Phuket property, it is time to make an arrangement. At the first arrangement the agent will tell you about the property and different papers and documents which have to be used in relation to the sale of your land, condominium, house or villa in Phuket. During this arrangement you also make an agreement about what should be done in the property before it is to be sold and what the deal includes (washing machine, refrigerator etc.). It is usually a good idea to repair small damages right away because even small things can have an influence on the buyers decision.


When you have made your final decision you can make an agreement of promotion. An agreement of promotion is an agreement between you and the real estate agent, which is a documentation of the things that the agent is allowed to do when he/she is to offer your house for sale.

You have to make sure that the following things are being met:

  • The agreement has to be in writing and include a time limit (maximum six month with possibility for extension for up to three months at a time).
  • The agreement has to contain the agents fee and what the agents fee is, if the agreement stops before the period has run out. The rest of the expenses related to the sale have to appear clearly on the agreement.


When you have signed the agreement of promotion, the real estate agent starts to prepare the sale. A lot of things have to be investigated and at lot of information has to be gathered before the sale can move on. The real estate agent makes inquiries from the land registry and the local authorities. Additionally there has to be a photo taken of the house in which the house will be shown in the best possible way for advertising and Internet use.


The real estate agent can offer to set up a “sign for sale” by the property. A “sign for sale” can turn out to be a great tool for selling as a lot of the potential buyers are looking for Phuket property in the neighborhoods where they would like to live. It also happens that neighbors call people they know to inform them about the sale.


The presentation of the property is most often done when a buyer approaches the real estate agent and makes an arrangement for a viewing. In most cases the real estate agent will be present during the presentation, but it some times happens that you are doing the presentation yourself for practical reasons.

It is the exception which makes the rule.

When the real estate agent is present it is an advantage if you are either not at home or you remain in the background and only intervene if directly needed. The sales work is the specialty of the real estate agents.

You do not give it a lot of attention in your everyday life, but when you sell a property, a lot of small details make a big difference. That is what our experience from many sales have taught us. It is important if the property and the garden looks good when a possible buyer takes a look at the real estate.


We have gathered a line of useful advice and hints.

It is important that the property appears neat and orderly. Clean the windows if necessary, wash the floor and dust, so the rooms seems clean and light.

It is very common to lose interest for gardening when you have to sell your property. But arrange for the lawn to be cut regularly and the flowerbed are weeded out. The impression altogether of the property are crucial to a good sale.

The property has to appear comfortable and pleasant. Make a little extra effort. Green plants and beautiful flowers will elevate the spirit. Make sure the lights work in all rooms.

An empty property misses life – in spite of how charming and well-kept it seems. Your furniture, carpets and curtains will give the house atmosphere and make it easier for the buyer to see the positive possibilities in the property. Therefore it is an advantage if your property, as much as possible, is furnished until sold.

Pull the curtains and make sure the property does not seem closed. A bright daylight makes the property seem charming. Light increases the feeling of well-being in all people.

Air well before the presentation, i.e. open all windows and doors. A lot of properties have a special “smell” which is not necessarily the buyers taste.

A lot of people are afraid of animals. It is a good idea if the dog is not walking freely at the presentation. Furthermore the dog can steal the attention from the real matter for the buyer which is to get a good and positive impression of the house.
Let the real estate agent have the opportunity to be alone with a possible buyer. All buyers have a criticism of some kind but most people will not say it if the owner is nearby. In that way the real estate agent can miss the possibility to refute the criticism on the spot, and the buyer may then lose interest in the house. The real estate agent knows that criticism can be an expression for serious interest.

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When a buyer has arrived, the deal can be carried out in two ways. Both of you can make an arrangement at a real estate agent, where you can discuss the last details, after which both of you sign the contract of purchasing, or, the buyer signs the contract of purchasing on his own and until it has been accepted by you, it is called an offer of purchasing. The offer contains the terms in which the house is to be sold. Hereby you can sign the offer of purchasing or make a counter offer.


Before the day of entering, it often happens that the buyer and seller arrange to meet in the property where you can talk about practical things such as: Where to find the main stop cock to the water? Electric meter? Where to find the switch to turn on the light in the roof? At the same time you often make an agreement about which things the buyer could be interested in taking over (or buy for a small amount of money), for example the curtains or a special lamp which fits especially this house.


When the final deed is registered, the deal is finally settled and you can get your profit of the deal released.
It is hard to judge how long it takes to finish a deal on a property. Normally it takes two to three months from the time you have signed the contract of purchasing to the entering into the property.


How to sell a house in Phuket
When the property is sold there are some practical things you need to remember. After selling your old house a move to a new house often follows and it is comforting if you can get an overview of the situation within a short time. We have made a memorandum that you can use if necessary. Remember to:

Order a reading of the electric meter and water
Leave instructions and possible guarantee certificates for the white goods that the new owner will take over
Collect keys from family and neighbors having a sample and hand these over to the new owner of the property
Order a movement of the telephone number in good time
Order removers
Order possible workmen to make sure the property is ready for moving in
As soon as you know your new address and a possible telephone number in Phuket it will be practical to tell friends and family, but also remember to tell:

  • Your employer
  • Newspapers, magazines (weeks/month)
  • Electricity and water
  • Societies and clubs
  • Credit and account cards
  • Doctor and dentist
  • School and kindergarten
  • Insurance companies